LaFuria report sent to D.A.

June 18, 2007
   By Theresa Schmidt

It was April 30th when Dr. Peter Lafuria turned himself in at the Calcasieu jail where he was booked on one count of video voyeurism based on the allegation of one patient.   In the weeks that followed many more alleged victims came forward and District Attorney John DeRosier has now received the first investigative reports from law enforcement.  "We have reports in a total of 55 different charges representing about 39 victims and we are processing those as we speak."

Prosecution of the case will present special difficulties for one reason, just because of the numbers of alleged victims.

"We're going to make decisions as we go down the road as to how we're going to process those.   We may lump a certain category of alleged criminal activity into one bundle and present like that and we made do some of them separately," says DeRosier.

Plus privacy is a huge issue, but DeRosier says they're addressing that. "We actually do have a very good way of presenting that and we will seek several court orders relative to the issue of privacy.   I do not want to discuss those at the present time.   But we will make every effort to cover every victim in this case at the same time preserving the rights and privacy and dignity of all of the victims in these cases."

In the next couple of weeks, DeRosier expects to receive more investigative reports bringing the total to 140 counts representing 120 to 125 victims at which point he says the case will be scheduled for presentation to a grand jury.

LaFuria is in a treatment facility at an undisclosed location.   He's expected to return to Lake Charles within the next couple of weeks to be formally booked on the additional counts.   His bond is set at $700,000.