Kicking Summer Boredom at Kids College

June 18, 2007

Reported by: Britney Glaser

As this third week of summer vacation begins, you might already be hearing your child mutter the words, "I'm bored."  There are some fun solutions, though, for kids to conquer that summer boredom.

From beginning golf to crime scene detective, the Kids College at McNeese State University is offering a total of fifty classes this summer to engage kids from the 3rd to 12th grades.  Some classes like the math clinic are centered more on academics, but if your child wants a break from the books, there are plenty of creative learning classes to get them involved.

Kids College Coordinator, May Gray, says, "I think that the way to reach children is not only through the hard academics, but anything that will turn them on to learning."

Some of the Kids College students are using this time to push them to the head of the class for the next school year.  5th grade student Edward Hutchinson says, "I'm taking a math course and it's really fun to learn new stuff and get prepared for next year."  5th grader Jasmin Griffin agrees, "We're learning stuff to prepare ourselves for 6th and 7th and 8th grade, so we'll make better grades."

All of the Kids College classes are held on the campus of McNeese, and last about two hours each day.

To register for a Kids College course, call 475-5616.