Louisiana and Texas Join Forces to Fight Prescription Drug Abuse

Louisiana and Texas are joining forces in the fight against prescription drug abuse.

Monday morning in Orange, TX, legislators and law enforcement officials from Louisiana and Texas met in a rare interstate meeting to address the deadly problem.

"Any time that we are losing one and a quarter people per week in Calcasieu Parish to prescription drug overdose, that's a serious problem," says Calcasieu district attorney John DeRosier.

"Seeing all those bodies that are piling up in the morgue, the communities are tired of it, they're sick of it," says Texas Congressman Kevin Brady."

"Communication is what we need," says Orange County Sheriff Mike White. "The Sabine River is like a wall.  We've been blessed that we have a good porthole through that wall that we can share information, work real well together.

"We need to bring state, local and federal officials together like we did in this room to attack this problem," says Brady.  "We're going to have to remove some roadblocks and share information better."

To combat the problem in Louisiana, last week the state house of representatives passed a doctors shopping law.  Senator Willie Mount will introduce the house bill to the Senate this Tuesday or Wednesday.

DeRosier says he hopes Texas will adopt similar legislation.