No Swimming Advisories in Cameron Parish

June 11, 2007

Reported by: Associated Press

State health officials say people should stay out of the water at many public beaches in Cameron Parish, because tests show high levels of a bacteria found in human and animal waste.

The swim advisories, issued by the state Department of Health and Hospitals, include beaches in an area that hasn't yet fully recovered from Hurricane Rita in 2005 - Holly Beach, Rutherford Beach, Hackberry and all Constance-area beaches EXCEPT Martin.

The beaches have NOT been closed. But warnings against swimming have been posted. The department says land-based activities and boating and fishing ARE considered safe.

The beaches are among 13 on the Gulf Coast tested weekly during summer as part of a state monitoring program, and at least two beaches in Cameron Parish - Hackberry and Rutherford - have been under constant advisory since weekly testing began in May 2006.

A department spokesman says the source of the problem isn't clear.