Lake Arthur Man Dies in Shootout With Police

May 9, 2007
Reported By: Lee Peck

We now know the name of the Lake Arthur man killed in a shootout with police Saturday afternoon. Louisiana State Police identify the shooter as 39-year-old Steven Gunter.

Authorities say Gunter was involved in a domestic dispute with his live-in girlfriend on Bliss Street in Lake Arthur. "At approximately 1:05 this afternoon we got a call. A female at the residence called the police station asking for assistance because of a domestic dispute. She wanted to get clothes from the residence and her boyfriend was in the house," said Lake Arthur Police Chief Cheryl Vincent.

Chief Vincent was among the officers who responded to the call. She says Gunter was in the home refusing to come out. "I tried talking with him and tried to get him to come out of the house and he continuously said no," said Vincent.

This went on for about an hour. Vincent called for back up agencies to assist. Tear gas was sprayed inside the home, but still no surrender.

"Officers made entry, shots were fired and I had one officer injured. He went to the hospital, but it was superficial wounds, he is okay and he's back out," said Vincent.

While the officers life was spared, Gunter never made it out alive. "You don't want to shoot anybody, but sometimes you almost have to. We try to make sure officers go home safely," said Vincent.

As standard procedure, the investigation has been turned over to the Louisiana State Police. Meanwhile, Gunter's body has been taken to the Calcasieu Parish Coroner's Office to undergo an autopsy.