Local Tax Preparer Booked on Felony Theft

June 6, 2007

Reported by Theresa Schmidt

Carolyn Anderson had prepared tax returns for years but now she has been booked on two counts of felony theft.

KPLC's Theresa Schmidt reports the arrest comes after complaints from people who say their taxes were not done and they cannot get back their records.  Calcasieu sheriff's deputies say for years Carolyn Anderson did taxes on the side to make extra money.

But for the 2006 tax year, Anderson's customers have complaints. Sergeant Joey Williams says some of her clients say they paid but that their taxes were never prepared and filed; and that they have been unable to get their records returned.

Williams: "Sheriff's office has received numerous complaints from citizens who have hired her to file their 2006 federal income taxes.  They paid her in advance and after the April 15th deadline hadn't heard from her, tried to contact her, were unable to contact her.  She wouldn't answer her phone.  It became disconnected.  They would travel to the residence, she wouldn't answer the door.  They felt they were behind a rock and contacted us for assistance."

So far Williams says they have executed two search warrants in connection with the investigation.

Anderson has been arrested on two counts of felony theft representing complaints filed by six of Anderson's clients who each paid an estimated $200.  She was released on $10,000 bond.   But Anderson says the sheriff's department has been contacted by at least another seven clients and that the investigation continues.  He says others who think they may be a victim should contact the sheriff's department.

Williams: "I would recommend them not visiting her, but to contact us to make sure that they use us as the liason.  We have a right to go there to investigate.  They are private citizens trespassing on her property if she doesn't want them there.  They can be removed.  So, ask them to contact us."

Williams says they will do what they can to help alleged victims get copies of their tax records.

KPLC was unsuccessful in reaching Anderson to see if she had a comment. Anyone who thinks they may be a victim can contact the sheriff's department concerning this case by calling Sergeant Williams at 491-3625.