What's next for LCB students?

June 6, 2007
Reported by Pam Dixon

17 year old Adrianna Guillory would have been a senior at Lake Charles-Boston High School this fall a senior ranked second in her class with a 3.89 grade point average, an honor that may not hold after she transfers to another high school. Guillory says, "It's sad because a lot of us are top ranked. If we go to another school, we're going to drop down and have to start all over. It's our last year. We were going to graduate with a lot of honors from LCB."

Guillory and more than 370 other Lake Charles-Boston students will be getting letters next week explaining which high schools they can attend and how to make the change.

Principals gathered for a high school principals summit today were already going over the plan to receive and evaluate students. Pat Deaville, director of high school curriculum and instruction says, "We'll see precisely what level each student is on. We're going to give them some formative assessments when they arrive and share information with teachers so that they're fully aware of where the student is on every single part of every single course."

Deaville says LCB students will have first priority in getting classes they need at their new schools, and help will be provided throughout their high school years. Deaville says, "We'll have graduation coaches-attendance officer type of people who will be monitoring the students on a very regular basis, and it's not just about the academics. It's also about tracking them as they make adjustments to a new school, a new site, new friends."

Administrators say these steps will help make sure Lake Charles-Boston students don't fall through the cracks. Lake Charles-Boston students will be allowed to go to any Calcasieu Parish high school except Vinton, Starks and DeQuincy because of their distances.