Hail hits mobile homes hard

June 5, 2007
By Theresa Schmidt

At first glance, it looks like a typical summer day here at Quail Ridge Mobile Estates off Gautheir Road, but a closer look reveals tremendous damage to many homes. Some are covered with holes from the hail storm-- a storm that residents like Tonya Ireland found terrifying.  "Everything was just swirling around. The wind was going crazy. Hail was coming down like golf ball size. I've never seen anything like it. It was awful. And then big limbs were flying around. Everything was just going crazy. It sounded like somebody was beating on the house. It was just terrible."

Resident Annie Mallett agrees. "It was pretty scary. I would run back and forth to my front door and try to open it but I could not open it. I had suction at my back door. I could not open my back door at all."  Now they are cleaning up their yards and surveying property damage. Says Mallett, "I have holes in my siding, I had the skirting pulled off. I heard that it was 75 miles per hour wind, so I would call that a category 1 hurricane."

Also hard hit, Fairview Mobile Estates off Tom Hebert Road.   And the so-called fish streets off Elliott, where people are still recovering from the devastation of Hurricane Rita,  hit again. For Barbara and Mark Lafortune the worst part was no water for 14 hours and now they're afraid to drink what comes out of the tap. Says Barbara, "I'm not sure if the water is safe to drink. For a while it will be clear and then it'll be rusty again."  Mark is conerned too."We need good, healthy water for washing dishes and we need it for drinking."   Country Pines Utilities asks residents to be patient.  The pumps had been out due to a power outage.

The Calcasieu Office of Emergency Preparedness is collecting information from property owners with uninsured losses due to severe weather. The information will be used if help becomes available.   They need the name of property owner, address, contact info and type of damage. Call 721-3800 for more information.