Will Nagin run for governor?

June 4, 2007
Reported by Associated Press

Will New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin run for governor?

The possibility has been a source of some speculation in New Orleans since Governor Kathleen Blanco said she wouldn't seek re-election.

So far, Nagin has dismissed the suggestion, but says he is leaving his options open.  Since being re-elected last year, Nagin has raised campaign money despite being barred by term limits from running for mayor again.

Political analyst and pollster Elliott Stonecipher says New Orleans' image of "sin and corruption" makes it tough for someone from the city to win the governor's race.

But political analyst Silas Lee says Nagin can't be counted out.  Many had questioned whether Nagin could be re-elected after Hurricane Katrina.  Lee also says Nagin has name recognition.

A University of New Orleans poll found Nagin had a 33 percent approval rating among residents asked in March - down from 40 percent five months earlier.