Sunday Afternoon Thunderstorms Widespread

June 3, 2007
Reported By: Lee Peck

Meet the Banditos, 12 years and under, they're making baseball history here in Lake Charles. The Houston based team has won more consecutive games than any other team, but before they can add number 115 to their winning streak, the clouds give out bringing down the rains.

"Dude I told everybody it was a tornado... I told them. It looks like a tornado," described one player.

While it wasn't a tornado, the winds and rain were enough to force the team out of the dugout and under the shelter of the bleachers. Welcome to Southwest Louisiana, where the weather can change in an instant. This storm was widespread moving across all parts of the area.

Experienced boater Jessica Hutchings and friends were looking forward to a nice day on the water. "We just came out for a nice quiet sail. I recently got a sail boat and I wanted to bring my friends out for a day on the lake," said Hutchings.

But that quiet day on the water was cut short when the clouds rolled in and lightning began to strike. "When we saw that we turned on the motor, turned around and the storm came a little quicker than we thought it would," recalled Hutchings.

In a matter of seconds the once quiet waters became uncontrollably rough. "The wind started blowing and the boat started to tip over a little bit and I fell out," said Hutchings. "But my two friends were able to steer the boat to safety, while I swam to shore."

Now to another scare in Moss Bluff, where customers and employees were forced to evacuate the CVS Pharmacy after powerful winds caused partial roof damage allowing the pharmacy to take on water. The store has since been closed until repairs can be made. In the meantime, customers with prescriptions at the Sam Houston Jones Parkway CVS location are being referred to the Ryan Street CVS location. Their number is 439-4241.

And we don't want to leave you hanging. That baseball team we told you about did manage to claim their 115th victory Sunday night, winning the game 7 to 0. Again, these amazing athletes are only 12 year-olds. The team boasts four pitchers that regularly touch 80 miles per hour on the radar gun. Something Head Coach Ray Deleon credits for their nearly two-year winning streak.

"If you look at the Guinness World Book of Records -- it's like 64 games in a row, we've broke that like double. It's getting weird now. I know our streak will eventually end, but hope we keep on going for as long as we can."

Lee: "So what do you credit to your winning streak? A lot of practice?"

Deleon: "Actually, a lot of luck. You've got to have good arms. I'll say it right now, the key to winning a ball game is pitching. Without your pitching you don't have a chance."