Creating a Hurricane Kit

June 1, 2007

Reported By: Natalie Grise

Home Depot manager Phillip Pittman has seen his share of hurricanes.

"When Rita came through, my moblie home was right on the Sabine River, so we decided early on that we needed to evacuate," he says.

But if you stay put in the storm, he says there are certian supplies you need to have on hand.

"One of the things you really need is a storm tracker radio, this is a battery powered television with a radio that's got up to the minute weathercasts," he says, "this I think is really important."

And of course you'll need some flashlights to see that radio.

"We recommend the battery operated ones as opposed to the electrical rechargeable ones, simply because they only last until the batteries go down, which is only two to three hours," he says.

Topping off every good hurricane kit?

"You have to have a good first aid kit," Pittman says.

And finally, what may take the most out of your hurricane kit budget might make the biggest difference in the experience.

"With a three, four hundred dollar generator, you can make life comfortable," He says, reccomending at least 3500 Watts, but he also warns what could happen if you wait too long.

"When the hurricane finally hit, we opened up the day after here in this store, we had people lined up 200 deep and we were selling generators off the pack of trucks," he recalls.