Green Giant

June 1, 2007

Reported By: Natalie Grise

Skylar Moody has lived near the intersection of Moss and Tenth Street for the past seven years, so he knows all about the plant growing on the corner. But recently, something mysterious started happening.

"I've seen the bottom of it, but not the top, it just started growing. How big will it get?" the ten-year-old asks of the rapidly growing plant that now towers over him.

But he's not the only one noticing.

"Sometimes they'll stop in their car, looking at it," He says.

One of the drivers Skylar noticed is Raymond Ceasar, who frequently passes by the intersection.

"I was amazed by it," he says, "I've been watching it as its grown from every level. I just thought it was amazing.

So to get the answers to Skylar's questions, we went to Greengate Garden Center and talked to an expert about why the leaves are so big, and exactly how tall the plant's going to be.

Julian Dondis is a plant expert, but even he had to get out the refrence book to tell us more about our green giant, commonly known as a Century Plant.

"It's kind of a misnomer, in that occasionally you'll find one that takes a hundred years to bloom, but that's not usually the case," Dondis says, "The leaves actually get three to six feet."

But size and name aside, the plant has some other surprises.

"They don't like rain. They're really native to drier America," Dondis says.

And back at the corner of Moss and Tenth street, the plant towers next to telephone poles, and could get even bigger, up to 25 feet.

"I think it's cool that its going to get really big," Skylar says.

So for him, mystery solved.