High rise residents prepare for hurricane

June 1, 2007
By Theresa Schmidt

Here at Chateau du Lac there's still much work ahead to fix the damage caused by Hurricane Rita. Quite a few apartments were damaged so severely they were unlivable. And the storm took an emotional toll on residents. Some like Mark Edigo stayed.  He says never again. "It gets bad and it gets scary."

While most residents left, it was traumatic for them as well. Sarah Diane Dotson says she's determined to be more prepared next time. "Today I'll start packing up blankets, I'll have a bag ready. I'll have food ready, right in the corner, so when they tell us it's time to go, I'll be prepared."

Sarah took notes during a so-called hurricane party to remind residents to think about their needs and make plans. Pat Lang left last time, would do so again, and hopes other will too. "Take precautions and do everything that they tell us to do, have everything ready and when they say leave, leave. Because we can't fight the winds or the waves."

Residents have a new manager here-- Trisha Thierry, who says she'll be working with them to help to insure everyone has a workable plan. "If something happens we want to know they know how to get out and escape and what places they need to go to and which direction they need to take."

Meanwhile, residents hope for fair weather. As Sarah Diane puts it, "I just pray that we have some beautiful weather and we don't get a hurricane."

It's hoped the first wing of renovations to Chateau du Lac will be finished in August.