FEMA Ready for Hurricane Season

June 1, 2007

Reported by: Associate Press

As the sun comes up on the Atlantic hurricane season, FEMA Director David Paulison says his agency is ready.

In an interview with The Associated Press, Paulison says supplies have been pre-positioned across the southeast and along the Atlantic coast. He also says personnel and equipment can be quickly moved into place before storms hit.

Paulison says the agency has learned its lessons from Katrina, and plans to be proactive, rather than reactive. The six-month Atlantic hurricane season starts today and forecasters are predicting an above-average year.

They expect between 13 and 17 named storms. Up to ten of them are likely to become hurricanes and three to five of those are expected to be major ones of at least category-three strength.

A new poll finds most people along the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts don't have a hurricane survival plan and don't feel vulnerable.