The Community Impact if LCB Closes

If the Calcasieu parish school board decides next week to close Lake Charles-Boston high school, what impact would that have on the students who will be transferred and the schools receiving them?

KPLC's Natalie Grise found the answers.

If the doors to Lake Charles-Boston high close permanently more than 370 students would need a place to go.

LaGrange principal Bobby Jack Thompson: "The two schools impacted the most are LaGrange and Washington Marion, because they've always had the option of Barbe, so those kids parents want them to be there."

Thompson says making room for a large number of students could become a problem at the land locked school.

Thompson "If we pick up a few students we can absorb them without any problem but if it's 100, 150, 200, then we're looking at temporary buildings, a pod, but our facility takes most of our campus, so we really don't have a place to but temporary buildings."

Washington Marion's principal says Washington Marion with only 660 students has room for more... While Barbe's principal says depending on the number of new students, temporary buildings may have to be added at the school that already has an enrollment of more than 1,700 students.

And what about the impact on overall test scores at receiving schools?

With about half the students at Lake Charles-Boston projected to fail one or more classes, School board member Elray Victorian says that could impact schools already struggling to meet state standards.

Victorian: "Both Washington Marion and LaGrange are holding their own, but they're working hard to hold their own, if you put in kids that don't have a history to excel, it will be very difficult to raise test scores."

But school board member Dale Bernard says the plan includes help for low performing students wherever they go.

Bernard: "If any remedial help is needed it will be provided by the staff at the central office."