The Fight to Save Lake Charles-Boston

Almost as soon as word got out students, teachers, and friends of Lake Charles-Boston rallied to keep the school from closing. KPLC's Laila Morcos took a look at some of their efforts.

Momentum to keep Lake Charles-Boston high school open quickly generated a lot of strength among parents, teachers, and students.

Concerned parent Dianna Ross: "We have mannerable, respectable children who go here. Our hallways are clean, our campus is clean, our bathrooms are free of smoke and all those things."

School Board Member R.L. Webb: "Shutting it down, I don't know if that would be the answer.   It'd have to be a good plan if you're going to shut that thing down. There has to be a good plan for those students."

It took no time for LCB supporters to show their outrage and concern over talks of a shutdown.  On May 9th, a march from LCB to school board offices was a precursor to a jam-packed committee meeting.

School Board Member Clara Duhon "Give LCB a principal. They need to do some other things.   Have Saturday classes for them, for these students. Bring them up. It can be done."

Student Victoria Webb "We have incoming freshman that read at a 4th grade level, yet the school board has not given us enough certified teachers to bring them to a level they need to be."

Despite community support, including a rally on May 17th outside Gumbeaux Magazine headquarters, the fate of LCB remains unclear. That is until the pivotal June 5th vote that may redefine education in Lake Charles.

While supporters of the school say not enough has been done, top school administrators say they've spent years trying to improve student performance.