A New Learning Academy

After five years of pumping in extra money, manpower and new programs with unsatisfactory results, Superintendent Wayne Savoy wants to close Lake Charles-Boston and turn it into an academy of learning.

KPLC's Lee Peck sat down with the superintendent to talk about what this plan means for the school and the students.

Savoy:"I looked at a lot of information. It was very important to me that whatever recommendations that I made, that recommendation was to try and help as many children as I could."

Savoy's recommendation for change would reassign LCB's 374 students to primarily schools of their choice.

The students who need help would be tracked, counseled and offered specialized services such as G.E.E. preparation courses as well as recover credit for failed classes.

As for LCB's teachers and faculty, tenured certified employees will keep their jobs within the school system while the remaining employees may apply for open positions.

With its students and teachers now reassigned, the campus would become the Lake Charles-Boston Academy of Learning. It would be a crucial part of the redesign initiative for Calcasieu Parish.

Savoy:"It's not to replace or take away from a particular school, but what we wanted to do is to bring the kind of subjects and the kinds of technical courses for all of our students in Calcasieu Parish and place them in the form of an Academy."

The academy would offer career and technical education, the arts, advanced classes, and distance learning. Courses would be taught by field experts from the community, McNeese and SOWELA and in some cases allowing students to gain dual-credit.

Savoy:"If we can partner with a career and technical school like SOWELA, then these children that are opting to come to this school can technically be more advanced when they go to SOWELA and therefore be in the workforce a little quicker and that's our goal."

All students in the parish would be eligible to attend the courses as part of their high school plan, while remaining enrolled in regularly assigned schools. If the school board approves the plan, the academy of learning would get started on July 1st and be fully implemented within five years.