Last Class for LCB?

May 27, 2006

Reported By: Natalie Grise

Kimberly Thompson always knew she would graduate from Lake Charles Boston.

"It didn't start with me, we have generations and generations in our family that have been to Lake Charles Boston," she says, "Its like a heart kind of thing, you can't say you're leaving LCB, I'm always going to be a Cougar, no matter what."

But when she walks the line, it may be the end of the line for the family tradition.

"I feel very hurt that they want to close our school down because they don't understand that it's everything, a lot of people don't like going to school, but when you talk to someone at Lake Charles Boston, they love it because it's family."

Fellow graduating senior Gecyka Williams agrees, saying the small size makes her feel a bond with her classmates.

"Because we're so small, everybody knows everybody, and I really love that," she explains, "I know all the teachers personally, I know all the staff and administration and it really helped because a lot of those people built my character and made me into the person I am today."

"It's a very strong vibe, everyone knows each other," says Jeremy Thomas, also in the class of 2007, "Because everyone grew up together, we know each other from our past childhood, so we're a very big family, basically."

So for these 83 seniors, the possibilty of losing their school feels a lot like losing a family member.

"It bothers me a lot because I have my older brothers, and aunties, they all went there. My little brother, he's an eleventh grader, plays all the sports, and he should be graduating unless they close it, it's just a terrible thing if it happens," says Phillip Bartin, another graduating senior.

"It really hurts my feelings because they don't know what Lake Charles Boston meant to me, they don't know us on a personal basis, so how can you judge us if you don't know us?" asks Thomas.

"A lot of the people talking about closing it down don't come in the school, they don't go into the classrooms, they don't see what's going on, so they really don't know," says Williams.

"I have a brother, who is very, very heartbroken right now. He doesn't want Lake Charles Boston to close because he's coming here next year," says Thompson.

So as the curtain closes for what could be the final time, they'll always have their family to lean on.