Sen. Landrieu Takes on Road Home

May 24, 2007

Reported by: Associated Press

Connie Uddo is taking a 911 call to Washington this week.

Her main message to Senator Mary Landrieu's subcommittee: Road Home applicants are hanging on by the thinnest of threads, waiting for money to rebuild.

So far, just 20-thousand people have gotten money from the program designed to help families rebuild after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. More than 130,000 people applied for the grants that range up to $150,000.

Frank Trapani of the New Orleans Realtors Association describes the Road Home program as the state's second disaster. He says that even when people finally get their grants, homeowners insurance is outrageous.

Both Uddo and Trapani said they'll tell senators that help must come now, or there won't be a home at the end of the road at all.

The Road Home program also faces a budget shortfall of more than $3 billion, and the subcommittee is looking for ways to keep it afloat.