Escape Tips

Here are some tips on how to escape an abduction

1.  Never tell a caller you're home alone

2.  Get away, right away! (Use anything you can to help you get away.)

3.  Run away from people who make you nervous

4.  Adults should never ask kids for help (directions, finding a lost pet, etc.)

5.  Use a family code word

6.  Throw something out of the car

7.  Disable the car by wrecking the ignition switch or pulling out wires

8.  In the trunk:  disable the brake/tail lights

9.  When stopped, push on accelerator to bump the car ahead

10.  After saying "Help, I've been kidnapped," quickly put down the phone - Don't Hang It Up!

11.  Find someone who will help you (strangers are now your rescuers!)