Feeling the Pain at the Pump

May 21, 2007

Reported by: Britney Glaser

Just when you hoped they couldn't climb any higher, gas prices today hit another record high.  The average price of self-serve regular gasoline is now $3.18 a gallon, but there are ways to save at the pump.

We all use it, we all need it, and with gas literally fueling our lives, the higher prices at the pump are leaving deeper holes in pocketbooks.  Lake Charles resident, Mary Gaines says, "It's getting higher and higher every time I come [to the gas station], but you've got to have it."

In the Lake Area, gas prices are more than $3.00 a gallon, and with travel season a mere week away, it doesn't look like prices will be dropping any time soon.  "I'll just keep paying for gas," says Gaines, "it's been okay, as long as it doesn't go too much higher."

But, traveling for a little over a dollar each day is actually possible.  Transit Manager for the City of Lake Charles, Renee Nelson says, "We have four fixed routes. The basic one-way route is 75 cents for the regular riders. Elderly riders and students ride for 25 cents."

While the prices of public transportation are appealing, there are some drawbacks.  Emanuel Kimble takes public transportation every day.  "We have problems with the buses," says Kimble, "because they're always breaking down and it takes them 45 minutes to go around."

Now, if it's still going to be your hands behind the wheel when traveling or commuting each day, there are a few tips to make sure that your car is the most fuel efficient as possible.  Auto technician Alan Schmal with Richard's Automotive in Lake Charles, says, "Maintain your tire pressure, keep your oil and filters changed - air filters, oil filters, gasoline filters, because it can steal your gas mileage."

With these tips in mind, in your car or on board public transit, hopefully your fuel efficiency will be enough to power you through the busy summer travel season.

For a complete list of routes that Lake Charles Transit offers, click here or call 491-1253.