Tougher High School Curriculum Under Study

May 21, 2007

Reported by: Associated Press

Louisiana's education board is planning to toughen the curriculum of public high schools - and that has raised concerns among some school superintendents.

After two years of study, the changes were approved in January by a special panel named by Governor Kathleen Blanco. The Board of Elementary and Secondary Education approved the plan Thursday.

The head of the Parish Superintendents' Advisory Council, which advises the state board, says he is unsure whether that group will back the changes when it meets on June Seventh. Some  superintendents are worried about the staffing requirements the new standards might bring.

Basically, students who finish the new curriculum would be qualified for a four-year regional state university. Those that do not would be prepared for community college or technical school.

The proposal comes after years of complaints that many young people in Louisiana are not prepared for the modern workplace.