New Prices for Going Postal

May 15, 2007

Reported by: Britney Glaser

Today is day two for new postal rates to be in effect as well as a new method for pricing letters and packages on dimensions versus weight.  Many customers at the Lake Charles Post Office on Kirby Street are doing the "math" to make their stamps add up.

If there was a statement for the day at the Lake Charles Post Office, chances are the words, "two-cent stamps" fell in there at some point.  Sandra Rene was at the post office purchasing rolls of two-cent stamps.  "I'm getting two-cent stamps because I still have quite a few of the 39 cent."

With this week's change in postal rates from 39 cents to 41 cents, the two-cent stamp machine has been running on "E."  Evia Hodge with the Lake Charles Post Office says, "We ran out, but we have more. We had to get an emergency order."

As the two-cent stamps have been keeping the machines working overtime, the "Forever Stamp" has already sold close to 90 million nationwide.  "That is a stamp you can use," says Hodge, "if ever there is a rate increase and you have those in your possession, you can still use that same stamp even though that price may have gone up another penny or two pennies."

The new pricing system for letters and packages is now connected to shape.
*Postcards cost 26 cents
*Letters are at 41 cents for the first ounce
*Large envelopes ring in at 80 cents for the first ounce
*Packages cost $1.13 for the first ounce

Hodge says you can save money through this new pricing method, depending on how you place a letter or item in a package.

Even though the time has come to change with the new rates - those with stacks of old stamps will continue to give their "two cents."  Lake Charles resident, Beau Barbe says, "I'll just have to add extra stamps to it until we run out of our 39 cent stamps."

The price hike in stamps is a result of higher prices with distribution - like prices at the pump. The reasoning behind the new method of pricing for letters and packages comes down to the higher expense in processing larger items.

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