Southwest Louisiana Red Cross Volunteer Shortage

The American Red Cross is known for helping people in emergencies, but now they may need your help. There's a shortage of volunteers for the Southwest Louisiana Red Cross.

The Red Cross is known for lending a helping hand regardless of the type of disaster.  Joannie Farque of the Southwest Louisiana Red Cross says they have already helped 70 families with aid after single-family fires.

But in order to continue this work the Red Cross says they need more volunteers.  Joannie Farque says, "There are only thirty volunteers when we need at least 150 to 200."

The number of volunteers has gone down since Hurricane Rita.  The Red Cross is hoping to bring those numbers back up for the 2007 Hurricane season that will begin in a couple of weeks.

The Red Cross officials say there are no special requirements to become a volunteer except a desire to serve.

If you would like to become a volunteer for the Southwest American Red Cross you can call 478-5122.