Proposed future for LCB

May 11, 2007
Reported by Pam Dixon

If the Calcasieu Parish School Board approves the Superintendent Wayne Savoy's plan, Lake Charles Boston High would become Lake Charles Boston Academy of Learning-- an umbrella center that would offer courses in career and technical education, arts, advanced studies and distance learning.

Savoy says the center would not be a regular school with a student body. LCB students and staff would be re-assigned to other schools. Students attending the center would go there only for special classes that are part of their five year graduation plans, while they remain enrolled at their assigned school. Savoy says his plan calls for counselors and others to track and help Lake Charles Boston students at their re-assigned high schools. Savoy says, "We have set up a pilot program for credit recovery. If we tried it at this school it wouldn't necessarily work."

Savoy's proposal doesn't sit well with LCB school representative Clara Duhon. Duhon says, "They take this and they take that. We were never given a chance. We don't have a principal and the assistant principal is retiring. If they would give us a principal who has experience with turning schools around, it can be done." Savoy says, "Since I've been superintendent, we have done a lot. Some things have worked. Attendance went up slightly. But we can't change things that interfere that are out of our control."

The center would be accessible to students parishwide. If approved by the school board, the changes would begin July first and be fully implemented in five years. The school board will discuss the recommendation to close Lake Charles Boston at its June 5th meeting.