BB/BS - Reney & Tiffany

May 11, 2007
Reported by Pam Dixon

Life has been sweet ever since Reney Reed met 14 year old Tiffany through the Big Brothers Big Sisters program. That was three years ago. Tiffany says, "I have somebody to talk to and have fun with and do stuff with."

Reney has waited half her life to become a big sister. The McNeese nursing major has been wanting to be a role model for someone younger since she was about ten years old. Reney says, "If they needed a friend or something extra to do, I just thought I would appreciate somebody else doing that for me, so I could do that for somebody else and be a good positive influence in another person's life."

As soon as Reney turned 18 and was old enough, she got her little sister. Tiffany says, "We sit over here and watch movies and eat pizza. It's fun just hanging out." It doesn't take a lot of money or time, just a couple of hours twice a month and you too can put a little magic in child's life. Reney says, "It makes me feel good to make her feel good."

If you would like to learn more about becoming a Big Brother or Big Sister, call 478-KIDS.