Inmate Escapes While on Moss Bluff Work Detail

May 10, 2007
Reported By: Lee Peck

Stephen Joseph Hebert is serving time for a number of charges including bank fraud, identity theft, worthless checks and drug possession. His non-violent status allowed him to be on work detail. During work detail Thursday, Hebert showed why he shouldn't be trusted.

"He jumped out of the van around 1:30. We surrounded the area where he ran into the woods," said Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Commander Vic Salvador.

Jumping on ATV's and calling in the dogs, Calcasieu Sheriff's deputies began their manhunt in the woods behind Blockbuster off Highway 171.

"We were in the store working and some cops came in and told us to keep the doors locked because an escaped convict was in the woods behind the store," said Blockbuster employee Kyle Diakos.

Neighboring businesses and residents within a one mile radius were all notified by 9-1-1 about the escape. "I do have a family. It's certainly a concern, but the law enforcement agencies appear to have things under control. I have confidence they will make this right," said nearby resident Lyle Cormier.

In his prison orange jumpsuit, Hebert didn't manage to get too far. Deputies heard him running through the woods just a street over and were able to chase him down and place him under arrest.

Hebert appeared to be out of breath, but uninjured. As a precaution he was brought to a local hospital to be checked out. He now faces additional charges of simple escape.