How Dr. Peter LaFuria's medical files will be handled

Former patients of Dr. Peter LaFuria can get copies of their medical files, but it could take up to four weeks. The Sheriff's office has hired a copying service with expertise in medical record reproduction to make copies. A local doctor will help disperse the file copies to patients from his office.

A patient can request a copy of their medical file by calling Calcasieu Parish Sheriff Detective Elizabeth Zaunbrecher at 491-3737. Arrangements will be made for the patient to pick up the file. The files are being processed based on last names. It could take up to four weeks before a file is ready depending on the patient's name. If the patient has a medical emergency they need to specify that when speaking with Detective Zaunbrecher.

Detectives have not found any evidence that inappropriate photographs were placed in any medical files. The Sheriff's office will be transferring copies of the files to a local doctor's office on a regular basis as they are copied alphabetically.