Police summoned to Westlake bank

Tense moments at a bank in Westlake this afternoon where a man acting as if he had a gun claimed he wanted to kill himself. The incident was resolved without anybody getting hurt.

It happened around one in the afternoon when a 42 year old Lake Charles man went inside Cameron State Bank in Westlake.  He was acting as if he was holding a weapon under his jacket. Police Chief Jeremy Cryer says the man told bank employees he wanted to die.  "We received a call from the bank saying there was a man who appeared to be holding an object under his jacket to his head. He was pacing back and forth and made the comment he wanted to kill himself or he wanted a blaze of cops to kill him."

Cryer says bank employees called police and helped them isolate the man at which point they were able to bring him under control. "When we entered he dropped his jacket and we were able to take him into custody. "

Cryer says the man is apparently mentally ill. "We're going to take all that into consideration. We're still in the investigation process right now." He says they need more effective ways to deal with those who suffer mental illness. "The only option is to jail or maybe Memorial Hospital right here in this area. And I believe if they're evaluated after 72 hours they're released. So, a lot of times we just pick them back up and we go through the whole process again. I wish we had some sort facility where we could house the mentally ill."

No weapon was ever seen. The man was determined to be a danger to himself and others and has been admitted to the hospital for psychological evaluation and treatment.

At this point it does not appear that criminal charges will be pursued.