Mayor Reacts to Passage of Lakefront Development

May 6, 2007
Reported By: Lee Peck

"I grew up, I was born and raised in Lake Charles and I've seen the city struggle with a lot of different issues and a lot of different things and I think the city has always wondered why we haven't been able to perhaps get the recognition that we need," said Lake Charles Mayor Randy Roach.

Mayor Roach says that all changed with Saturday's overwhelming approval of Lakefront development.

"This city made a very strong statement not just about who we are but a statement that reaffirms what we did during the recovery of Hurricane Rita and it went a step further, we became the first city in Louisiana to take advantage of the opportunity that recovery has given us with a new plan for development," said Mayor Roach.

A plan, Mayor Roach says, that offers growth for all of Southwest Louisiana. "When this plan was presented to Baton Rouge as part of the FEMA recovery planning process it was rated number one, number one out of 88 projects."

The big question now: when can Lake Area residents expect to see a change in the landscape? "We'll start the process right away," says Mayor Roach.

Mayor Roach says the first areas of focus will be the Civic Center grounds and the harbor surrounding property now owned by Pinnacle. Those improvements, the mayor says, will help the city's draw with quality developers.

"One of the things we've said throughout the process is that we don't want to develop for the sake of developing we want to make sure this development is done right," said Mayor Roach.