Voters say yes to lakefront propositions

Reporter: KPLC Staff

Lake Charles residents overwhelmingly voted yes to the three lakefront propositions on the May 5th Ballot. Proposition one is an amendment to the city charter which allows public and private development along the lakefront. Proposition two gives the city authority to get the development plan going. And the third proposition will allow the city to work with a not-for- profit organization to build a wetland center near the lake.

Lake Charles Mayor Randy Roach says "the city has been working on redevelopment of the lakefront since 1946." Roach also called the passing of all three props a "win, win, win for everybody."  He also says the development on the lakefront "will begin right away and they will get the developers to take a look at the plan so that they understand what's required of the development."

On the city's website, it spells out details on how long it will take to develop the lakefront. It states the primary focus will be the conversion of the amphitheater/millennium park area to a public park. The website also talks about how the timing of the projects will depend on the interest of private developers. The project will be done in phases.

The total cost will be paid by public and private money. Voters passed a bond issue in November 2006 which allows monies for the downtown development to be used in the project.

There were several other parishes that held elections on May 5th.