LRA unveils recovery proposal

May 3, 2007
Reported by Associated Press

A comprehensive plan for Louisiana's post-hurricane recovery calls for high-speed rail linking Baton Rouge and New Orleans, restrictions on development, more affordable housing, and an increase in the minimum wage.

The Louisiana Recovery Authority yesterday unveiled its long-awaited strategy for rebuilding the region.

Donna Fraiche, a New Orleans lawyer who chairs the LRA's long-term planning task force, says Louisiana will be infused with billions of dollars in federal aid and private investment over the next 10 years.

The plan contains more than 100 suggestions for rebuilding storm-ravaged areas, controlling development in fast-growing areas, and protecting the state from future hurricanes.

Much of the strategy hinges upon boosting the powers of a State Planning Office governed by a mix of public and private leadership.  Its basic charge:  Make sure everyone follows the plan.