Funeral services for Sergeant William Bushnell were held this week

The funeral services for Sergeant William Bushnell were held Tuesday.  Bushnell died on April 21st from wounds suffered from a rocket propelled grenade that struck his vehicle.

Both young and old showed up outside of Johnson's funeral home to honor this fallen soldier. Jocelyn Sheppard said, "I feel it's important that we show our troops that we care about them."

The crowd of supporters came for different reasons.  Lynn Dearden said, "I have a son in Iraq whose 20-years-old and even though this was not my son, a mother lost their child once again in this war."

Another supporter said, "I understand what these families are going through, I didn't lose someone but I lost a lot of friends and I know how horrible that is."

That is why they held American flags, to show the Bushnell family that their loved one is appreciated.

Veteran Don Manuel said, "I don't know him personally but I know he's a brother soldier and he fought to give us the freedom that we have."

As they waved flags, the supporters hoped that the Bushnell family knew how much William W. Bushnell will be remembered.