Gillis Elementary gets a snow day

May 1, 2007
Reported by Pam Dixon

Who says it never snows in Southwest Louisiana? Not the kids at Gillis Elementary School, and they've got the frozen fingers to prove it. Little boy says, "It hurts. I can't feel my hands." 2nd grader Cassidy Nunez says, "We got soaking wet."

Cassidy Nunez was one of of nearly 200 students who were treated to a snow day. Like most of the kids, Cassidy has never seen snow. Cassidy says, "It would be like really cool to see snow when you've never seen it before."

This cold reception was a sweet reward for the students who sold at least ten cookie dough orders in a school fund raiser. 5th grader Tanner Holland says, "You just get to play and have fun." Organizers called in some snow pros who specialize in snow on the go. A Baton Rouge company called Sno-Mobile used three tons of ice and a couple of snow cone machines to create a freezing fantasy land. Pre-K student Abigale Rogers says, "We made snow angels and threw snowballs." Pam asks, "What's the trick to not falling in the snow?" 5th grader Jenna Schlotfeldt says, "Just be careful where you step and make sure it's snow and not the watery."

There were snow angels and snow cones, but bombarding the principal with snow balls rated best. Pam asks, "Why was that the best thing?" kids shout, "Because he's the principal."

So in sunny Southwest Louisiana with temperatures hovering around 80, Gillis Elementary proves there's no business like snow business.

Vinton and Bell City schools will also be treated to snow days.