Questions remain on Gerald Washington's death

Five months after the death of Gerald Washington questions still remain.

Forensic Pathologist, Cyril Wecht "The end result is that there are questions answered and some remain to be resolved."

The Calcasieu Sheriff's department and Louisiana state police closed the case on Washington's death, ruling it a suicide. But the family wasn't satisfied and had the body exhumed and sent to forensic pathologist Cyril Wecht for another examination.

Wecht: "At this time, I have not arrived at a formal opinion with regard to the manner of death."

After receiving more than 800 pages and 100 pictures from the investigation, Wecht claims he doesn't have enough evidence to determine if Washington's wound was self-inflicted.

Wecht: "Certain forensic scientific studies, fingerprints, footprints, biological forensic evidence the presence of fibers, hairs, threads, DNA material the interrogation of individuals, people at the scene who saw things, clothing analysis which relates to the proximity of the gun."

Wecht won't say if the investigation is incomplete.

Wecht: "I don't want to be unfair."

But claims if they weren't collected some of those questions will remain unanswered.

7-News contacted the Calcasieu sheriff's department and they say the Washington family contacted them several months ago in a letter requesting all information which was turned over to state police. The sheriff's department says they have not recently received any additional requests for information.

And our efforts to contact state police officials in Baton Rouge yesterday evening were unsuccessful.