Detectives get calls from Dr. Lafuria's patients

When OB-GYN Dr. Peter Lafuria turned himself in at the Calcasieu jail  he was booked for only one count of video voyuerism and the investigation is not yet complete.   But in the hours since his arrest  detectives have answered a steady stream of calls from patients, worried whether they may have been photographed during an examination.

Deputy Elizabeth Zaunbrecher and detective Patty Bailey are taking those calls and beginning  what will be a lengthy and tedius investigation as they try to link pictures to patients.

Zaunbrecher: "Basically we're telling them there are some facial shots and we are going to crop those pictures and we are working with his office, his nursing staff to try to find some of these patients.  If you are identified as one of the patients then we will be contact with you and help you if you choose to file an offense report we will help you with that process."

Zaunbrecher is convinced the investigation will expand to include more victims.

Zaunbrecher: "I can say that we definitely see that there will be other charges coming at some point.  We are only going to try to identify facial shots or neck shots where there's a particular necklace that that victim may be able to identify that is hers, things like that."

As detectives handle calls from potential victims, computer forensic examiner Bradley Le-Roy begins the work of recovering images from cameras and computers.

Le-Roy: "I have several pages of evidence line for line that I have to go through.  Hard disks, cd's, dvd's which each one has a different capacity of storage.  Your hard drives are usually in either of these slots."

He says it will probably take two to four months.