Diamond Divas shine on the t-ball field

April 26, 2007
Reported by Pam Dixon

It takes great softball players to reach the state championships, but as KPLC"s Pam Dixon report, greatness has to start somewhere.

In this field of dreams, athletic talent comes in pint sized packages. 4 year old Megan McGee says, "You hit the ball."

Meet the Diamond Divas, a group of four and five year old year old first timers on the softball field. 5 year old Sarah Blue says, "You hit the ball and catch the ball, but sometimes you don't catch the ball." 5 year old Madison Brinkman says, "I don't normally catch the ball." Coach Brenna Herbert says, "Sometimes we have a girl run in the wrong direction. Sometimes they'll pick flowers."

More than half the team took dance lessons together and now they are trading in their ballet shoes for a pair of cleats. With their pink gloves, pink bats and pink cleats, these little ladies are suited to the T-- t-ball that is. Hebert says, "Little League is good for helping them build self confidence and self esteem."

Out here it's all for one and one for all, and all go for the ball.

Here where diamonds are a girl's best friend, it's the kids who really shine.

The Little League t-ball teams don't keep score and every child bats.