Picking Up The Pieces

April 25, 2007
Reported by Vince Atkinson

We often times have to bring you news about families that have been burglarized.  Wednesday a burglary took place that was truly bizarre.   One local elderly couple is left picking up the pieces after there home was ransacked in broad daylight.

You might not think of LeBleu Settlement as a likely place for a crime scene, but it was Wednesday afternoon.   Melvin and Beverly Breaux were just coming home from a shopping trip when they realized what was going on.  In just a matter of hours, thieves took the couples TV, furniture, jewelry, radio, raided the deep freeze, and even stole the families new computer.   Helen said, "My husband is a terminal cancer patient.   This was his past time, that's all he had for a pastime ... I am thankful that we were not here, that we did not see them.   I hope they enjoy what they stole from us, because they stole a lot of our goods."

Despite the mess and loss the Breaux's are suffering, they have managed to keep a sense of humor.   The Breaux's are even laughing about the fact that the thieves snatch paper plates before making a getaway.

Since the thieves destroyed the Breaux's air conditioning until, the couple plans to live in there travel trailer until they can have the A/C repaired and put their home back in order.   Local authorities are still investigating and looking for clues that may help pinpoint the thieves.