A Huge National Story has Local Ties.

A huge national story has local ties. The largest maritime drug bust ever had a Lake Charles Coast Guard member on board.

Danielle Devillier was pictured in the national news looking over 500 million dollars worth of cocaine.

The 23-year-old is a Barbe graduate and spent time at Mcneese before joining the U.S. Coast Guard.

Pam Wilson, Danielle's aunt says this about her niece, "She's always been high energy, wanting to do lots of different things but was mainly involved in marine biology."

But Danielle chose to join the U.S. Coast guard.  Pam Wilson says, "She was enjoying the ...being on the cutter and the water and everything that goes with it."

The cutter Sherman is the name of the boat Danielle was on which off-loaded 20 tons of cocaine, the biggest maritime bust ever.

Danielle's aunt says this doesn't surprise her, "Well, i wasn't surprised because we've heard of other missions that they've just accomplished recently but apparently this is the biggest one."

Danielle is a third class petty officer and her duties include purchasing and inventory. She will be one of the members responsible for counting 40,000 pounds of cocaine.

Pam Wilson says, "She's very young to have that much responsibility and we're just really proud of her."

The busts happened off the coasts of Mexico and Panama.

The cocaine was unloaded near Oakland, California.