Will The Cell Phone Ban Stay?

April 24, 2007
Reported by Vince Atkinson  

Do cell phones belong in schools?   That issue is taking center stage again with Calcasieu Parish School Board members.    The school board tackled this hotly debated issue Tuesday night.        The debate over cell phones all started when the Calcasieu Parish School Board banned cell phones from school grounds parish wide.

Currently, any student caught with a phone, even if it is turned off is grounds for automatic suspension.   Now, school board members are considering revising the current rules.   Calcasieu Parish School Superintendent Wayne Savoy said, "If we allow a student to bring a phone to school then there is a responsibility with that privilege."

After much debate, members of the school board administrative and personnel committee did reach a compromise on how they feel the cell phone rules should be revised.   On middle and high school campuses, students would be allowed to bring a phone to school, but the phone would have to be turned off and stowed away.   If a student is caught with a phone turned on they will be suspension for the first offense, two days for the second, and so on.   If a student is caught a fourth time, they could be expelled from school.   If a student is caught with a cell phone that is not stowed away they will get one day I.S.I. for the first offense.   Students will get suspension the second time, and could be expelled from school after a fourth offense.

The rules for elementary students are not as strict, but parents would be notified when the rules are broken.  The full board must approve these proposed changes before anything is official.   That could happen as soon as next Tuesday, but even if approved, the new rules will not take effect until next school year.