Vespers Service Welcomes Bishop-Elect Glen J. Provost

Through psalm and evening prayer Lake Charles welcomed Bishop-Elect Glen Provost. Ever the humble servant, Provost welcomes his new congregation and expresses his joy to serve.

"I consider it a consummate privilage that Pope Benedict the XVI, for whom I have great admiration, has sought me able to shepherd the Diocese of Lake Charles. I'm considerably honored that you have joined me this evening," said Provost.

Provost's arrival to Lake Charles is an answer to nearly two years of prayers from a diocese that has been without a bishop.

"In our own church parish, our pastor offered a special prayer that we prayed at every mass over that period of time. This is just a manifestation of our faith. Our prayers have been answered and we are overjoyed," said Deacon Michael Tramel, of St. Lawrence Parish.

"I'm very excited about it we've been looking forward to this day for a while," said Bobby Brandon, of St. Joan of Ark Catholic Church.

"It was just time to get a new shepherd, not that we were lacking in any way with leadership we had, but we just needed that shepherd in place," said Alice Tramel, of St. Lawrence Parish.

The new shepherd is already anxious to tend to his flock. "A tour of Cameron Parish last week gave me an idea of how much destruction there had been and the courageous work that has been accomplished, and what more remains to be done," said Provost.

On the eve of his ordination, Provost professed his faith and took an oath of fidelity speaking Latin.

The evening was also an opportunity to meet and greet civic and church leaders from throughout the community as well as the pastor and two representatives of each church parish in the diocese.

Monday, 27 archbishops and bishops along with two abbots and more than 200 priests are expected to attend Bishop-Elect Provost's installation. The installation can be seen live right here on KPLC. Our coverage begins at 10:30 Monday morning, with the ordination ceremony getting underway at 11 a.m.