Army Heroes Honored

April 20, 2007
Reported by Vince Atkinson

The Purple Heart is one of the biggest honors bestowed on members of the U. S. Armed Services.   Southwest Louisiana is home to 20 soldiers that just received this prestigious award.  This is a group of men that went to the battle field as soldiers and came home heroes.

Ceremonies honoring U. S. Soldiers like the one that took place on Fort Polk Friday are not uncommon, but this one stood out.   U.S. Army SPC Nicholas H. Otto said, "It's a great honor to receive it.   I was just doing my job."  Brig. Gen Daniel Bolger said, "This award, unlike all others, is not bestowed, it is not given, you earn it the hard way, because you earn it in blood."  Bolger is talking about the Purple Heart.

U. S. Army SFC John Gibson said, "The Purple Heart means a lot to wounded soldiers and soldiers who have given there lives."  While the soldiers at Fort Polk made it back home alive, some of them are still receiving medical treatment for injuries.  So that raises the question, would they do it all over again?  U. S. Army PFC Harvey Paige said, "Roger that!  With out hesitation."  The Purple Heart was first established by General George Washington in 1782 during the Revolutionary War and it is awarded in the name of the president.