Cell phone video provides glimpse of rampage in progress

April 16, 2007
Reported by Associated Press

A student's shaky cell phone video with the sound of multiple gunshots has provided the most striking depiction of the horror at Virginia Tech.

The video shot by Jamal Albarghouti appears unremarkable to the eye, with police officers at the end of a parking lot standing, guns drawn, outside a campus building. But the sound of gunfire captured what was going on.

Albarghouti told C-N-N that at first he believed he had come across the investigation of a bomb threat. There had been several on campus in recent weeks.

T-V networks rushed to get reporters and anchors to the scene of what turned into the worst gun massacre in the nation's history.

Cable news networks covered the story continuously.  Broadcast networks also broke into regular programming several times, including when President Bush made a statement and Virginia Tech authorities held a news conference.