McNeese Students React to Tragedy

April 16, 2007

Reported By: Natalie Grise

With various security measures in place to keep students at McNeese State University safe, we went to the students themselves to get their reaction to the Virginia Tech massacre.

Elliot Tate, Freshman

"It's a tragedy. You can't even go to school without worrying about your safety. It's horrible."

Clara Igwala, Senior

"I was really surprised especially being a college campus. You think of Columbine, typically high schools, but college, dealing with adults, you don't expect to be shot when you're going to class."

Robert McCall, Junior

"I feel pretty comfortable walking around on my campus here at McNeese, I don't think anybody is lurking in the shadows with a gun or anything, but if it did happen here, it wouldn't surprise me just because of the nature of violence."

It's just a terrible, terrible trend. I think it has to do with our larger society's consumption of violence. It's something we buy, sell and obsess over."