Breaux: I will not be a candidate for La. governor

April 13th, 2007

From: The Associted Press

Former U-S Senator John Breaux today bowed out of the Louisiana governor's race, saying the uncertainness regarding his eligibility would inhibit his ability to conduct an issue-based campaign. In a statement issued after business hours through the Louisiana Democratic Party, Breaux said Attorney General Charles Foti's decision to sidestep the question of eligibility "greatly inhibits my ability to conduct a campaign based on the issues instead of the law." Breaux had wanted a ruling from Foti on a central question: whether the state constitution bars him from the election because he has been a Maryland resident since 2005. Republicans point to several facts that they say show Breaux has given up his Louisiana "citizenship" and therefore his eligibility: he has a Maryland driver's license, a homestead exemption in that state and a "nonresident" Louisiana hunting license. Foti declined to get involved. He issued a statement saying the question should be resolved in the courtroom. Breaux expressed disappointment that Foti had not taken a position. In his statement, Breaux said for him to run now means he would face a campaign based on an eligibility to run, with the prospects of a court challenge weeks before the election. He says that's not in the state's best interest. The Democratic Party said Breaux would not comment further. Telephone calls to him for comment were not immediately returned.