Clerk of Courts Convention

For the first time in 25 years Calcasieu Parish is hosting the annual Clerk of Courts Convention.

KPLC's Lee Peck says, the week long event brings together election officials from across the state for a little shop talk.

Representing 64 parishes, the 62nd annual Clerk of Courts Convention has descended upon L'auberge du Lac casino and resort.

Calcasieu Clerk of Courts Lynn Jones says, "We've got present 64 clerks of courts and more than 400 deputy clerks."

John Beyl with Ascension Clerk of Court system administration says (it helps to), "Network with other clerks offices and see what they're doing, that we're not doing, for us to network with each other and find out what we can do to help our office."

The week long convention gives these men and women in charge of elections time to compare notes and discuss new legislation affecting their jobs.

But exactly what is their job?

Lynn Jones says, "I call us the nucleus of the justice system. Everything that the sheriff's office and the D.A. And the judges ...we handle all the paperwork that comes through... We make the actions happen when something happens in the court of law."

State Attorney General Charles Foti says, the best example of these different parishes working together is during the aftermath of hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

Charles Foti says,"As Attorney General when we called on people to help us with elections because we had part of our state destroyed, the clerks responded immediately. Any time you go to them they are willing to assist and to help make our state a better place."

And while they may be behind the scenes, their commitment to Louisiana has not gone unrewarded. Jeane LaFitte and his band of pirates recognized that by delivering everyone their very own brand new I-pod.

John Beyl says,"It's nice, it feels like we're on Oprah or something."

It's star treatment, for the group, as they gear up for a busy election season.