A greener coastline

Hathaway sophomore Melanie Broussard spends lots of time at Holly Beach, but usually it means she's doing one of three things.

"My daddy lives here, so we come here a lot," Melanie says, "We swim, tan, walk along the beach."

But this Tuesday afternoon, she and students from around Calcasieu, Jefferson Davis, and Vermillion Parishes planted marsh grass along newly constructed sand dunes to prevent coastal erosion.

"35 coast line miles lost along this area. This road, when we have hurricanes, the roads wash away and we're hoping to save them," explains Sharon Narbours, the leader of the Calcasieu Parish 4-H Junior Leaders.

Spring Break means more service than sun this year, but participants say they're just excited to help.

"It's important to us, so we don't mind," Welsh Freshman Dillon Richard says.

Nabours says she's not surprised to see so many students using their free time for a good cause, because the kids feel protecting the coastline is an investment in their future.

"This is where these kids live and where they're from this is their livelihood," Nabours says.        And for Melanie Broussard, it's where she plays.

"Its important to keep the beaches, because this is where I have most of the fun," Broussard says.