Parishioners Bundle Up For Easter Vigil

April 7, 2007
Reported By: Lee Peck

As they arrived for the annual Easter Vigil, parishioners at Immaculate Conception Cathedral did not forget to bundle up.

"It's freezing! And I think it was sleeting today," said Cathy King.

"It is very cold. We were out today and it was sleeting and we saw some ice," said Charlotte Hine.

The unusual weather conditions brought out some unseasonal garments. Remanuel Hollier is not only stylish in her fur coat, but she's warm.

Lee: "Did you ever think you'd be wearing this fur coat on Easter?"

Remanuel: "No, not at all... I did not wear one at Christmas time and here I am in April, wearing a fur coat and a winter hat."

While it may be Easter, many people say it feels like a totally different religious holiday. "It's cold! This is a beautiful night here, it's more like Christmas weather than Easter," said Vida Pumpelly.

"It feels more like Christmas time," said Steve Filkins.

"It's wet and damp and my old bones can't take it too much anymore," said Jim Filkins.

The candlelight vigil eventually got underway, proving not even the winter weather could blow out the flames they celebrate the resurrection of Christ.