High-Tech Law Enforcement

April 6, 2007
Reported by Vince Atkinson

Law enforcement officers have a tough job tracking down criminals, but even after arrests are made, the work is just beginning.   Criminal charges have to stick in court in order for anything to be done and that takes evidence.   The Sulphur Police Department just got some high-tech equipment that is making this job a little easier.

A high speed chase that recently look place in Sulphur on Interstate 10 was caught on tape.   Up until just recently video like this was impossible for the Sulphur Police Department to capturt.  Now officers have a new way to collect evidence and it comes in the form of cutting edge car cameras. Major Billy Craddock with the Sulphur Police Department said, "It's really the best unbiased witness an officer can have.   It's just going to report what happened."

From now on when a Sulphur Police cruiser rolls out on a call, a digital video record is being kept.   When the police in Sulphur and those accused of a crime have differing options about what really happened, the video can be used to sourt out the diffrences.  These new high-tech cameras are already installed and operational in most of the Sulphur Police cruisers.  This technology upgrade cost about $120,000.