Young Life Lost

April 5, 2007
Reported by Vince Atkinson

It is never easy when we have to bring you news of an accident that claims a life.   This news is especially hard when a child is involved.   No one saw it coming, it was completely unexpected, and it's left many people in Beauregard Parish shocked.   We are talking about a four - wheeler accident that claimed the life of a local boy.

Tragic is how even seasoned law enforcement officers describe what happened in Ragley Thursday afternoon.   Seven year old William Brock Brown lost his life while riding his four wheeler just off of Gaytine Road.   According to authorities, everything seemed fine until Brown's mother noticed she could no longer hear her son playing.   Robert McCullough with the Beauregard Parish Sheriff's Department said, "When she looked across the road she saw the four wheeler upside down."  After Brown's mother administered CPR and called 9-11, Acadian Ambulance air-lifted the little boy to Lake Charles Memorial Hospital in Lake Charles.

Even though every effort was made to save the injured child, he was pronounced dead after arriving at the hospital. Mccullough said, "He apparently was not doing anything, was not jumping hills or doing anything that appeared to be reckless.   He apparently was just making a turn and became unbalanced and it rolled over on him."  Although this has been ruled an accident, both authorities and the residents of Ragley agree it is no less tragic.